Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday afternoon in Peratallada

We reluctantly left Can Massa (town of La Pera) this morning, since our rwo-day stay was so wonderful, with friendly hosts, superb dinners, and spotty-but-appreciated wifi.

Today's bike ride took us first uphill to Foixa, then down onto the flats again.

We passed by Matajudaica again, before climbing to Ullestret, where I had another flat tire. This time I checked the inside and found the little thorn that had been my doom.

Fortunately, we found a quiet outdoor café, and had two coffees each, after I changed tubes.

We continued to Palau-Sator, then on to Peratallada, where we easily found our hotel. Our room is very nice, and our bags were in it, which is even nicer.

Once again, we are the only guests at a place that can handle a dozen. The lady in charge let us use the washing machine, which was appreciated.

We did a load, went for a walk around the tiny town, got oriented and got lunch. Clothes are still on the line drying.

The town seems carved out of bedrock and has little twisty passages. The ancient bell-tower is nearby, as we sit on the *very* peaceful terrace and watch the birds swirling by.

There are many fine restaurants here, and they should open in a couple of hours.

Alas, no wifi, so this won't be posted for a while.


Aha, an early-morning stroll led me to someone's wifi, which I am poaching, sitting b the side of an ancient street.

We had an ok dinner, and, although I slept well, karen says she didn't, and we are hoping to do over 20 miles today, before returning to Peratallada.

Looks like another nice day - a little cloudy but breaking up (8 am). See ya latter.

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