Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hmm - most of last post was truncated

Lunch, overpriced as always, arrived, but we were happy to get it.

The route to Llfranc was challenging, but the final 1km descent to the beach was exciting, as long as we didn't think about the return.

It was beautiful there, sunny with waves crashing on the golden sand. We lingered until we felt mostly recovered from the morning ride.

I had taken two wrong turns - the turn-by-turn directions a little ambiguous in places - but eventually found our way. A very nice stretch took us on a dirt road through a peaceful wood, but there was traffic to contend with around Palafrugell.

We retraced much of the morning route, taking time for a much-needed break (and impossibly-expensive refreshments) in Pals.

Got back to peratallada around 4, very sweaty and pretty tired.

It is now almost 7pm, and the restaurants should be opening soon. I'm very hungry.

Tomorrow, another shorter ride. Regards to all.

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