Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday in girona - not! (a surreal experience)

We woke up expecting to have a leisurely day in girona, when I realized that, shockingly, the Dali museum in Figures is closed on sundays, so it was either today or never.

We grabbed stuff for the day and needlessly rushed to the train station, where there was plenty of time.

We wandered thru the town and found the museum without problems. It's a trip thru that madman's twisted world.

Paintings, sculpture, bizarre visual tricks, perverse whimsy - all there, designed by Himself.

Worthwhile seeing - glad we didn't miss it.

Caught a 4 pm express train back to our girona hotel room.

Weather - sunny and warm.

Flamenco and folk music concert tonight. The fun never ends.

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