Saturday, November 19, 2011

too much technology?

So, my son Ben presented me, at my birthday a couple of weeks ago, with a certificate informing me that he had purchased a Kindle Touch for me.  Thank you, Ben.

It arrived yesterday, and I am still forming impressions.  However, the following sequence of events just took place:

1)  I was on Karen's laptop in the kitchen, using the home wifi.  Earlier this morning, I sent an email to a friend (you know who you are) discussing the Touch and asking about his new Kindle Fire.

2) Leaving the laptop on, I went into the living room with the Kindle, and was busy browsing and downloading free eBooks.  Using the funky browser on the Kindle, I was able to get into my Gmail account, and tapped out a reply to my friend, as an experiment (cc: to myself).  It seemed to work.

3)  very soon after, I heard a 'ding' from the kitchen, announcing the arrival of an email.

4)  using my cellphone (Android Galaxy S), I quickly got into my regular email and saw the item I had just sent from the Kindle and heard announced on the laptop.

5)  I am writing this on our Acer netbook, which is normally signed onto my Gmail account, rather than Karen's laptop (which is normally signed into hers)..

I need to get this posted, so I can load some MP3s and other audio onto my teeny MP3 player (that also has an FM radio), that I will be taking to LA next week for Thanksgiving.

This is getting out of hand.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

cable installed!!

Well, it took them a few hours, but Internet speed is noticeably faster, the new router is already configured for WiFi, and there are a heck of a lot of channels now on the TV.

Here are the Qwest numbers:

 And here are Comcast's:
Yes, there appears to be a difference.  I've been with Qwest DSL for MANY years, but Xfinity finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so off we go 'To Xfinity and Beyond'...

the cable saga (yes, it continues...)

To bring you up to date, I signed an agreement with Xfinity/Comcast to install broadband and TV service back on September 14th. 

There have been many delays, due to the unique situation of our old house (set back from the street) and my demands (I want the modem and router in the cellar).  It's taken over a month until the crew buried conduit from a nearby power-pole to the house and, this morning, the technician arrived to complete everything.

Within the first 5 minutes, he was definitely giving off 'oh shit' vibes, and has called for reinforcements.  Seems that connecting the buried cable to the top of the power-pole is 'problematic' (he thinks it can be done, but 'will take a while') since he may have to jigger the connection from the street to the power-pole.

Then, of course, a hole has to be drilled to get the cable from outside the house to the TV, and he said I have to drill that hole myself, since it goes thru 'furniture' (a wall-unit that's been in place for decades).

Reinforcements are arriving, but the guy says that he has to go get lunch now, and will be back later.  Time marches on.