Thursday, October 08, 2009

Friday morning - Peratallada

We agonized over the choice of restaurants last night (yes, it has come to this).

Settled on 'El Pati', because I had read a glowing review, and its back entrance was eight feet from our room.

It was amazing - the place itself takes 'charm and elegance' to new heights, and the chow was ok, too.

The teeny olives, fresh bread, vegetable puree (for bread-dipping) was a great appetizer. We also had a bottle of the house white, which was, shall we say, yummy.

I had bacallao (salt cod, a catalan staple), nestled in a comfortable bed of rattatouille (sp?). Karen had a duck leg, garnished with an amazing scoop of seasoned rice and what appeared to be a spiced orange slice.

Don't forget dessert - little chocolate wafers atop licorice ice cream, with a splash of whiskey.

During most of dinner there was just one other couple eating. Later, two more parties arrived.

You get the idea.

It is now early morning, and I am sitting alone in the main plaza. Our breakfast should be ready soon, then I think we will go for a bike ride.

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