Sunday, October 04, 2009

Delights of Girona

After our coffee, we headed to the Sunday flea-market, where we bought assorted presents (you must wait), then headed back into the narrow alleys of the old quarter.

The Jewish museum was free today, and was quite interesting, not skimping on details about the ultimate tragedy of 1200-1492, with escalating persecutions and indignities leading up to the final expulsion.

I bought a CD of jewish-sephardic songs. We'll see if it's interesting enough to play on KBOO!

We found the path, through beautiful gardens
, to the old city walls, which you can follow for a great distance, punctuated with frequent towers, with sweeping views of the city.

The walkway took us back down to the river, where we found the perfect outdoor café for lunch. Karen had grilled tuna and I had a large plate of pasta with clams, calamari, garlic, onion and tomatoes, in a sauce of olive oil and squid ink. And a large beer, of course!

We are now back at the same café where we breakfasted, enjoying an afternoon coffee and the wifi (which, by the way, is pronounced WEE-fee).

Lovely day. We like Girona very much. Now, to drink that coffee!

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