Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's more than just 'dinner'

We never had a proper lunch today, which might explain our brain-dead arrival back in La Pera.

We spent most of the late afternoon getting clean, relaxing, and getting caught up on email and (dare I say it?) work.

By 7 we were definitely 'getting hungy' and after a very brief stroll around the hamlet of La Pera, dinner was served.

And what a dinner. First of all, realize that we are the only guests (a crowd is expected later in the week). We sit outside in the peaceful yard, at a tablecloth-covered table for two, and are served a fish-soup with pasta, a salad of greens, sprouts and white asparagus, fresh bread (both white and wheat), and an amazing platter of green asparagus, fish, shrimp, clams and mussels, in a subtle sauce.

Oh, did I mention a bottle of cold, sparkling white wine?

For dessert, fresh pears and a peach, with yogurt and honey. And herbal tea, with a final shot of honey.

This is very good, but we are thrashed and ready for bed. Tomorrow we pack up and cycle to Peratallada, while our bags get transported to the next guest house.

Not bad.

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