Thursday, April 21, 2011

new window

We are progressing with the major remodel of our upstairs bedrooms. Today, the new, large window went in. It was very heavy, and three hail squalls passed thru during the process.

Enjoy the show. Here's the 'Before'.

Ta da!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

it's all about timing

We are heading to Europe next month, and just look what the Euro/Dollar rate is doing.

Back in January, when it was at $1.30, I held off buying Euros, believing one financial expert who predicted that the slide would continue indefinitely. I never learn.

Back to the issue of timing, we were in Spain in October 2009. See the graph for further proof that my track-record is consistent. It's almost funny.

have not blogged for a while

But, something heard on NPR this morning has my blood boiling again.

It's, as always, yet another case of 'missed opportunity'. To give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps their strategy is to present idiots without comment, assuming that the audience is smart enough to reach the conclusion I reached.

You know what I mean.

They were interviewing students who had attended Obama's recent public speech, asking them what they thought. Two of these budding scholars commented along the lines of "I was hoping he'd do something about gas prices and I was disappointed."

Um, students: the high gas prices are caused by many long-term and short-term forces, very few of which the POTUS has (or should have) the power to control. What an opportunity for NPR to remind us about:

1) Peak Oil
2) major political instability
3) the normal supply issues this time of year, when formulations are changing at the refineries
4) speculators driving up the cost hoping for windfall profits
5) oil companies making windfall profits
6) etc. etc. etc.

Last night on the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams soberly reported the latest Obama popularity poll fall, which, IMHO, is largely due to ignorant people thinking that "he's not doing enough to bring gas prices down."

Rinse and repeat.

I suppose our species is doomed to always seeing only a very narrow view of what is a much Bigger Picture, but somehow I thought that Media would, rather than presenting what people believe without comment, explain why things are the way they are.

Wait a minute, this is exactly what Rush, Hannity, etc do do (and I mean that literally).

Friday, April 08, 2011

Wisconsin deja vu

So, after the Democrat claims a narrow victory, the (long-time Republican) County clerk announces that an error occurred, and not only does it throw the election to the (long-time Republican) incumbent, but the extra margin conveniently increases the margin 'just enough' to eliminate the mandated recount.

Statement from the clerk (who in the past was chastised for sloppy election handling):

"It is important to stress that this is not a case of extra votes or extra ballots being found," she added. "This is human error, which I apologize for -- which is common in this process."

Yes, this sort of thing is common in this process. How odd, though, that these anomalies never seem to be to the benefit of Democrats.

Read more here.

FOLLOW THIS STORY. KEEP IT ALIVE. This is rotten and the burden of proof, that the new totals are legit, ought to be air-tight, if this is allowed to stand.

It's just too predictable.