Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a tale of three phone companies

Well over a year ago, I noticed that I get a busy signal whenever I dial (from our home land-line) a phone number in the 503 area code, that is outside of the Portland area (i.e. Salem, the coast, etc).

Such numbers require a 1 prefix before the (503).  We rarely need to make such calls, but yesterday I needed to send a fax and remembered that it doesn't work. I sent the fax from Karen's office, but, when I got home, I thought I'd bite the bullet and try, again, to get it solved.

I worked on this a year ago, and Qwest directed me to Verizon (my long-distance provider, I learned), who insisted they were not the problem.

That prior sentence, of course, represents *hours* of phone-tree navigation, repeated explanations of the problem, transfers, long waits, and denials of responsibility.

Same thing yesterday.  Two Qwest reps, FIVE different numbers within Verizon, and an actual Verizon trouble-ticket that was quickly closed with a 'not our problem' comment.  I reopened the ticket and, late yesterday afternoon, a Verizon technician actually called me, to tell me it was not their problem.

However, Verizon directed me to Credo Long Distance, who we pay for long distance (remember, it was Qwest who said it was handled by Verizon).  The Credo guy was very helpful, had me do several tests (while talking on my cell phone), and ended up actually making a suggestion of a change to be made by Qwest.

Back on the phone to a Qwest customer service guy, who heard the whole story (yet again) and agreed that the suggested change was worth a try.  He transferred me to a technician who actually did it, and said to try everything again tomorrow morning.

We shall see.  In the meantime, I am thanking God today, that, with any luck, I will never have to call Verizon again.