Monday, February 27, 2012

Sedona - Airport Mesa sunset

I googled 'best sunset view in sedona' and several people said 'Airport Mesa'.  It's a shamefully easy drive to a little parking area half-way up (room for 10-15 cars) and then a short uphill scramble to an incredible viewpoint.  We got there in time for the show.

Looking south, towards VOC (Village of Oak Creek):

Eric and Lola, looking across the Sedona sprawl.

Red Rocks lived up to their reputation.

Ah yes.

Here's a video, panning 280 degrees, a little before the above intensity, but you get the idea.

Sedona - Doe Mountain hike

On our 2nd day, we hiked Doe Mountain. This is a detached mesa quite adjacent to Fay Canyon (yesterday's hike).

Got started around 10 am - the parking lot was totally filled, but, aside from one large group, had the trail (and the top) mostly to ourselves. It's uphill all the way!
As we climed, the views improved.
Looking across the valley - you can see the entrance to Fay Canyon.
Almost to the top!
The top is flat with a zillion paths, all leading to viewpoints along the steep rim.  This is looking pretty much north.
More of the view, to the north/north-east.
Looking back along the east rim.
Looking south-east, towards Sedona.  Lovely day - great hike.

Sedona - Fay Canyon hike

On our first full day in Sedona, we hiked into Fay Canyon. Here's the entrance.
A short side-trail led to this arch.
Looking up into the canyon.
Largely flat trail, easy to get to - great introduction to the area.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it might as well be Spring

Half-way thru February, and the rhubarb is starting to come back!

Here are the garlics that I planted last fall.  Also, see the chard that wintered over?

But here is the big news:  today I planted 10 new Golden Everbearing raspberries surrounding some volunteers that spread from our main raspberry patch.

The asparagus bed is still sleeping - stay tuned!

Also this morning, I completed a new Access report of Species Richness data, that used some (ahem) clever code to programmatically sort a specific number of columns left-to-right based on the values in Row 1.  Actually, I used the Macro Recorder to write the basic code - I just had to adapt it for Access VBA.

To make that macro code work, I also needed a way to convert an Excel column NUMBER into the ALPHA Excel column heading (that is, I need to convert column #34, for example, into the string "AH".  Thanks to geniuses on the Internet, the formula for doing this is simply (the variable 'maxSpecies' contains the column number):

Left(xlSheet.Cells(1, maxSpecies).Address(1, 0), InStr(1, xlSheet.Cells(1, maxSpecies).Address(1, 0), "$") - 1)

I have no idea why this works, but I pasted it in and it does.  Cool, huh?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

translated by bing?

One of my Facebook friends is Baris, who was our (wonderful) guide in Turkey a couple of years ago.  Alas, most of his Facebook posts are in Turkish, which leaves me out.  Today, however, I noticed that Comments are accompanied by a 'Translate' link.

When I click the link, I get a translation, proudly advertised as from Bing.  I (like just about everybody else) never use Bing, but now that I see its translation ability, I can't wait: