Monday, January 09, 2012

it drives me nuts (non-political edition)

So, fretting about the upcoming expiration (2030) of their lucrative 'Porgy and Bess' copyright, the Gershwin heirs are prepping a new edition of the classic 'opera' (don't get me started), where they've 'trimmed' it by nearly half (I suppose because today's potential customers have a limited attention span) and (here's what drives me nuts) added a 'reconciliation scene' at the end.

Why stop there, I ask?  Why not:
  1. Casablanca:  Rick shoots Victor and heads to America with Ilsa and Captain Renault, licking his lips.
  2. Gone with the Wind:  Rhett and Scarlett are off to Atlanta, planning to open a lucrative urban-renewal business.
  3. The Ten Commandments:  Moses enters the Promised Land and has his thugs 'take care of' that upstart Joshua.
  4. Citizen Kane:  'Rosebud' turns out to be Kane's favorite beer, which restores him to a happy life (product placements having been cleverly inserted throughout the film).
  5. Old Yeller:  Fully recovers and learns new tricks.
Other suggestions?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Iowa results by County

The pink 'frothy' color is Santorum.  Look at all the counties (hint: outside of the urban centers) that he won.

I hate to generalize about rural, white Christians (not really), but it's hard to ignore the fact that these folks were energized, committed, and unswayed by the overwhelming evidence that Ricky is shockingly ill-equipped to lead even a Scout troop.

I believe it's simply Santorum's lucky timing to have been the annointed (word-choice intentional) not-Mitt at exactly the right moment.  Be that as it may, I have to think this represents a pretty big problem for Mitt, despite the obvious intent of the Corporate Masters that he be the nominee.

If the Mormon-haters won't accept Mitt, and the black/Muslim haters won't accept Obama, that leaves two big groups largely unrepresented.  Will the Christian Soldiers move onward with Ricky (3rd party?) and the wacko Libertarians (who have little in common with the Evangelicals, outside of 'zeal') decide that Dr. Paul should be our new Dear Leader in a glorious Randian world (4th party?)?

It's hard to figure out how Wall Street and The Banks are going to finesse this, but we can be certain (thank you, Roberts Court) they they'll give it a go.

This could get interesting, while the Arctic begins to erupt methane, weather catastrophes continue, and the new season of 'The Biggest Loser' attracts a record audience. At least we're not French, right?