Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday afternoon in Peratallada

We cycled about 30km, returning about 12:30, hot and hungry.

We went first out to the beach, with big views north and south, big waves crashing, and big, dark storm clouds all around.

The amount of actual rain was minimal, as we rode rhru a vast marshy area, planted intensely with rice.

We contined north to Gualta, where we had hoped to find a café. Alas, none was to be found, so we headed back south, along quiet farm roads.

We were tired by the time we got back to the room. After a shower and a brief rest, we walked the ten feet back to 'El Pati', for their 12 euro menu del dia.

First course: for me, very nice pasta with pesto; for Karen a bowl of lovely pureed-vegetable soup (carrot, leek, and squash - we asked). Second course: for karen a chicken leg with mushroom sauce plus a baked potato; for me, a casserole with an eggplant, stewed in tomato, onion and bits of meat, plus a potato. Also, good bread, a bottle of water, a bottle of beer, and a coffee. Total: 30 euros.

Karen took the netbook out to the terrace, to work.
For me: nap.

Tomorrow we leave Peratallada and head north - the longest ride of the trip: 50km. It is a little daunting - better have another great dinner in five hours!

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