Friday, December 30, 2011

my first Senior Citizen luncheon

My 100+ year-old mother-in-law is visiting, and along with one of our friends who is helping out while Karen and I are otherwise occupied, has gone out to lunch at our local Senior center a couple of times, and the lunches have gotten rave review from Sylvia, who is *somewhat* picky about these matters.

In other words, the soup must be HOT and the food not 'tasteless' (her usual complaint).

Since I am now officially over-60 (as of last month), I believe I will join the two of them today.  This should give me an interesting premonition of my future life, I should live so long.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

it drives me nuts (what, again?)

I watch the NBC Nightly News regularly, to play the game I call "are the reporters lazy or merely dispicable?".

Reporting on the poison-pill bill passed by the (cravenly corrupt and evil) House majority yesterday, the serious reporter mentioned that the White House has promised to veto the continue-the-Payroll-tax reductions bill (which, as Peter DeFazio reminds us is a bad idea anyway, since focused spending creates far more jobs than piddling tax-cuts, but I digress) because, in her words, it included support for 'a big oil pipeline project'.

Anyone who falls into the 'largely misinformed' category might interpret that to mean that that (America-hating) Obama just won't do anything that might help people and create those badly-needed construction jobs.

Too bad she didn't take 8 seconds to mention that the Keystone XL project is generally recognized as an environmental folly of possibly catastrophic proportions (i.e. 'Game Over for the global climate').  Nah, it's much simpler to keep folks riled about 'both sides engaging in Washington gridlock'.

Network news: You're fired.

Friday, December 09, 2011

asking for trouble?

My current phone (Samsung Captivate) is running Android 2.2 and there is now a 2.3 upgrade available.

I am utterly happy with this phone - its only issue is that the battery seems to drain quickly, and one of the touted benefits of the upgrade is 'improved battery performance', so that, in itself may be a sufficient reason to upgrade.

Except for one thing: fear of disruption.  Yes, I can back up the few critical data files, and am already syncing my personal data (especially that all-important Calendar) with Google, so why delay?

It's just 40 years of computer experience (wrote first program in 1970) that has shown again and again the profound wisdom of the "if it ain't broke..." mantra.

Anybody convinced that taking a phone from 2.2 to 2.3 is both relatively painless and absolutely worthwhile?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

has it really come to this?

Rick Perry accuses Obama of conducting a 'War on Religion'?  I know that Evangelicals are major factors in Primary voting, but Perry's "I am a proud Christian" ad shows a new level of creative political writing.

In one short spot, he manages a blatant nod to both the 'Obama is a Muslim' lunatics, as well as the 'Beware of those heathen Mormons' lunatics.

Wait a minute - maybe those two groups of lunatics are really the same!

Regardless, you have to admire the flagrant desperation of an ad like this.  Thank you, Rick, for letting the rest of us know that you really are as dumb and/or craven as you appear to be.  Oh, and by the way, give that writing staff a raise - they deserve it!