Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last night in tarragona

We had a nice dinner at a busy, friendly Basque restaurant in the Placa de la Font, called Txantxangorri (just try to say that after a bottle of wine, I couldn't).

We shared a nice salad, with warm goat cheese, apples, bacon and walnuts, then Karen had an egg dish with mushrooms and foie (it's hard to say what that was), and I had cuttlefish in a mysterious, salty sauce.

The place was bustling, with a surprising number of tables occupied by women.

Instead of dessert there, we walked back to the hotel, stopping at a gellato place for a small, perfect cup of hazelnut ice-cream.

It's a lovely night, warm and happy. Time for bed.

Tomorrow we leave Tarragona to begin the final, Barcelona phase.

Some fun, eh?

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