Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday afternoon - still in girona

We lingered at the café all morning, nobody bothering us about using the wifi and just sitting.

Karen worked on a case, while I people-watched and did a little wandering, just so I could say that I have walked across all the bridges.

We exchanged some dollars at a bank, walked around the old city, looking for our new winter home (a fixer-upper, of course), and, for the third time, found ourselves at Le Bistrot.


We had a big lunch - salad, main, dessert, wine and coffee. I would tell you what I had, but it was treyf.

We returned to the hotel, grabbed our bags, and rolled 'em to the train station. The 12 minute ride to Flaca brought us out to the country, where we were met by the owners of the rural hotel where our bike ride begins.

Not only is the place incredibly charming, but we are the only guests and the bikes were actually waiting for us.

It's all too easy.

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