Sunday, August 16, 2009

well, well, well...

Have I mentioned our well project? If not, our house, built in the 30's, has an 80 foot deep hand-dug well, that we have (slowly) been working on bringing back to life.

We pulled down the ramshackle pump-house years ago, and pulled out the old, non-working pump, water lines, and storage tank.

Aside from dipping a bucket down into the water a couple of years ago (to get a sample for testing - it came out pretty clean), we've never drawn any water to use.

Yesterday, our consulting hydrologist, Roger Smith, came over to do a draw-down test, where we lowered a submersible pump, hooked it up to a 220 V generator, and, with pen, notebook, scientific calculator, and a cool gizmo that does readouts of the changing water-level, we did the ultimate test.

I have to say that, the moment the pump came on and a jet of cold, clear water came shooting out the hose, was amazing. Rather than just pumping water on the ground (after all, we were only measuring the flow), I picked up the hose and began watering my tomatoes, peppers, squashes, asparagus, chard, onions, rhubarb, and shrubbery.

Finally, after at least 20 years, the well is again delivering water.

We pumped out hundreds of gallons, and Roger was able to measure the recharge rate, and pronounced it good. Next step - get the thing permanently capped, and then begin the plans for the required electrical work, deck construction and pump installation.

Off to KBOO shortly, to host the Yiddish Hour. Bye for now.

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