Saturday, August 22, 2009

great T.R. Reid piece about health care around the world

lays out the big myths

Heard on Rachael Maddow's radio show this morning a statistic proving that Republicans overwhelmingly are misinformed about the health care reform issues (no big surprise), and they overwhelmingly get their 'news' from Fox (even less of a surprise).

People who don't get their news from Fox are statistically better informed about the real issues. Which is the chicken and which is the egg? One wonders.

At any rate, Mission Accomplished, health care industry! You win, again, it seems.

And the uneducated white folks just get angrier, as the jobs disappear for good, the premiums keep rising, the rich get richer, and the Media doesn't seem all that concerned that people bring guns to Presidential appearances. Cameras are ready!

All that is needed is a suitable spark and we'll be seeing the Law of Entropy being gleefully covered non-stop on CNN.

Paris 1789, Austria-Hungary 1914, Munich 1933, Spain 1936, Iran 1979.

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