Monday, August 03, 2009

things can change quickly

Less than 5 minutes after the prior post, I was walking upstairs and heard Karen scream from outside.

While rushing around trying to coordinate dinner for 6, she tripped on our back step and was hurt.

"My elbow is dislocated," she grimaced, "and we're going to the hospital now."

I grabbed some ice-packs and drove rather quickly to the Emergency room.

Her diagnosis was correct, but it took three hours of waiting, paperwork, x-rays, and exams before a team was surrounding her bed, ready to pull the joint back together. Fortunately, Karen was elsewhere, having been transported to dream-land.

She woke up a few minutes later, with no memory, and it took another hour for full consciousness and hospital paperwork to permit us to exit. We were home around 11 pm. Quite a day.

Yesterday evening, we went out to dinner and Karen complained of discomfort and swollen fingers. They were indeed looking bad, so off to Emergency again, for another 3 hours of ice-packs, removing her 25 year-old wedding ring (which was a major chore in itself), making a new splint, and rewrapping bandages.

She is at work today, and has a couple of hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Naturally, I am the designated driver for the next few days.

Other than that, it's somewhat nice to be home, although Manzanita was sure delightful.

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Joe Litton said...

OMG! I've been quite out of touch and only just today read this. YEE-OW! I hope by now Karen's starting to feel a lot better. wow.