Thursday, August 27, 2009

andy borowitz today

Bush Questions Brevity of Obama's Vacation

Short Break ‘Sends Wrong Message to Terrorists'

Former president George W. Bush criticized President Barack Obama today for taking such a brief August vacation, arguing that the brevity of his summer break "sends the wrong message to terrorists."

"The one way to let the evildoers know that they don't have you all stressed out is by taking all of August off," Mr. Bush told reporters at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. "I always made sure I did that."

The former president called Mr. Obama's golf game in Martha's Vineyard today "a positive step," but added, "It may be a case of too little, too late."

Mr. Bush said "there's still time" for Mr. Obama to correct his mistake, and recommended that the president "take all of September off."

"I suggest he find a ranch that needs some brush cleared off of it and spend all of September doing that," Mr. Bush said.

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