Thursday, August 06, 2009

ah, the conservative mind...

Listening to the Ed Schultz show on KPOJ this afternoon (hosted today by NorMan GoldMan).

A self-described 'Ron Paul Conservative' called to take issue with government-sponsored health care. He hit all the standard talking points, that have been spoon-fed to the low-information citizens, but this comment stunned me:

"A public option would pay for abortions, and I would want there to be a law saying it would not pay for 'partial-birth abortions' (sic)."

Of course, these procedures are extremely rare, and only mandated in cases of medical necessity.

Unfortunately, Norm missed the opportunity to reply to the guy, "hmmm, sounds like you are in favor of having the government come between doctor and patient."

Then, they guy tried to make the 'slippery slope' argument, saying, "if the government mandates that everybody have medical insurance, what's next? Making everybody buy car insurance?"

uh - I am speechless at these people. Sort of like the pundit that said: "Just wait till you see Medicare, Medicaid ... done by the government".

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Joe Litton said...

The ignorance, willful lack of logic, and emotional rush to lock-step to the directions of the mutant conservative talk show hosts truly astounding. Rather frightening, actually!