Thursday, April 19, 2012

what we did was perfectly legal

So, can we all agree that the Rich are able to pay absurdly and historically low rates of taxation, since clever lawyers (many of whom had a hand in writing tax-law provisions - but that's another story) manipulate the many arcane loopholes and dodges to hide/nullify income they receive (thru 'work' that pretty darn seldom involves dirtying one's hands)?

Remember: marginal tax rate was 70% before Reagan (and 91% under Eisenhower), so why are they screaming so loudly when it's proposed to take it up to 30%?  Just asking.  But I digress.

What's the reply of the 'Have Mores' when challenged about this situation?  "What we do is perfectly legal."

Of course it's perfectly legal, and that's the problem.  But I digress.

Now, let's examine the current outrage (they are SHOCKED, SHOCKED) about the Secret Service shenanigans in Colombia. I've only heard one Media Guy mention, quickly in passing, that prostitution is legal in Colombia. 

Since that is the case, wouldn't it be delightful if the Media would dismiss the boorish behavior and bad judgement (as they do with the Super Rich), by letting us know that it's no big deal, because, after all, it was perfectly legal?

Just sayin'.

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