Thursday, April 05, 2012

sight-seeing around Santa Cruz

I drove a few miles north and stopped at a informal parking-area where there were three other cars.  Went for a nice walk (maybe 1 1/2 miles out and back) along the cliff-top.  Aside from a couple of hispanic fishermen (proudly displaying a catch, although it was impossible to figure out how he did it from that height) there was nobody else around.

It was sunny and *very* windy, but I had no complaints.  Here are some cell-phone photos:

All I could think was "Pacific Ocean: here's North America!  It continues on to the east for a while."

But, by far, the most amazing sight in Santa Cruz today is the (once-a-year public showing), at the Santa Cruz Memorial Park and Funeral Home, of their life-sized (really) wax recreation of 'The Last Supper':

You gotta see it to believe it - a bunch of white European guys portraying all the usual suspects, arranged in the classic tableau that you've seen a million times.  The funeral home has owned this for many years, but they really only open it for viewing on Maundy Thursday, so I couldn't ignore it.

Also, I couldn't restrain myself from asking the attendant, both of us with very serious faces, if they ever considered replacing the bread with matzah.  "It would be more authentic," I suggested, before heading back out into the sunshine.

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