Saturday, April 07, 2012

a walk in the (red)woods

Still here in Santa Cruz.  Drove up Graham Hill Road to the Cowell Redwoods State Park.

Walked a couple of miles, down into a little canyon with massive redwoods, then up to an Observation Deck, then, by another trail, back to the car.  A few other hikers around and a lively mild day.  Cell phone photos/videos:

Of course, it's impossible to show the size of these guys.

Believe me, this one was massive.

Even the little trees were photogenic (at least in person).

I was heading to this Observation Deck.

The fallen tree across the creek was pretty massive, too.

Here's a video from bottom to as far up as I could see.

Here's a 360 degree pan from the Observation Deck.  Unfortunately, some old, fat guy got in the way.

Back in town, I visited the (reconstructed) Santa Cruz Mission.  A few minor objects of historical interest in the Museum, but since it's a total reconstruction (based on an original painting that was on display), you don't need to see any photos.

I may try to get over to San Juan Bautista tomorrow - haven't been there in person in decades, although I visit it compulsively, via 'Vertigo', quite frequently.

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