Friday, February 06, 2009

exactly what i've been thinking

Isn't it about time to concede that it's time to downsize the American military Empire?

Finally, there is some growing recognition (not yet in the highest circles, apparently), that the Cold War had two losers, rather than one supreme Winner, and that every army that ever marched confidently into Afghanistan has inevitably marched back out humbled and bankrupt.

Our hubris has, as it has Time and Time again, to Empire after Empire, led to rot. This time, though, it's difficult to predict where the next Empire will arise? Most of the rest of the world has now Been There, Done That.

I say shut down the American military-industrial complex, re-tool the factories to produce the hardware for widespread solar electricity and wind electricity, train a million folks to install and maintain the above, and train another million to give medical care to Baby Boomers, and educate the rest of us on how to grow beans, tomatoes, squash, and potatoes.

And garlic.

Also on CommonDreams this morning is this important post on climate change. Here's the take-away sentence:

"There is a profound disconnect between actions that policy circles are considering and what the science demands for preservation of the planet."

Think about it.

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