Monday, February 16, 2009

broken record

not just me.

Cokie Roberts did it again on NPR this morning. They play Lindsey Graham's hissy fit about the 'Democratic lack of bipartisanship' and she says, "he's correct". Uh, Cokie, the measure of bipartisanship ultimately is not the degree of compromises that get made, but the final vote tally.

The House significantly diluted their original stimulus outline, bringing in ridiculous tax-cuts and trimming of the stimulus features that put the most money into the economy the fastest (i.e. food stamps, unemployment assistance, and infrastructure repairs) and, in the spirit of bipartisanship, they received NO GOP votes. Ditto in the Senate, except they managed to eke out 3 out of 48 votes.

Finally, Cokie mentions that the new stimulus programs that the Democrats now 'own' are likely to produce some stories of waste and corruption, and the Democrats will 'own' that responsibility, to the Republicans' benefit.

Uh, what about a trillion Iraq dollars, that have vanished with incredible waste and corruption? Who owns that? Who even mentions that, Cokie? What about the looting of the Social Security trust fund that has happened during the Bush years? Military contracting under Bush? KBR cost over-runs and shoddy work (that actually took the lives of American soldiers?

Cokie, you are a hack now, and NPR is a whore. As Barbara Bush famously said to Al Franken once (you can look it up), "I'm done with you."

UPDATE: how timely

UPDATE 2: hey, Cokie, look here

UPDATE 3: try this

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