Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday morning - plans change

Our cabin was hot and stuffy last night and we slept poorly. In the early hours, it began to rain, and it was grey, wet, and foggy as we sat down to breakfast.

The plan for today had been to bike a round-trip - upriver to Givet, France, then back to Dinant, then cruise downriver a bit, mooring the boat in a secluded place for the night. Mart came up with an alternative plan that was greeted with total approval.

We are cruising up to the Chateau of Freyr, where we can tour with minimal time-pressure. Then we will cruise back to Namur, for a possible short bike ride and a definite opportunity for sightseeing and dining. Everyone loved Namur, so this is great.

Time to read and relax - just what we needed.


Three hours later.

The Chateau and gardens were fascinating, with far too much information about the abundant historic paintings, furniture, and restored rooms.

We wandered the groomed gardens in the light drizzle, especially appreciating the 300 year old orange trees, prune like bonsai.

It is a real treat, after two days of great biking, to be a slug today.

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