Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wednesday in Huy

It's pronounced 'wee'.

We left Namur around 10 am. A partly cloudy morning changed into a totally clear, warm day.

Our route was partly along the first day's ride. On the day, the head-wind was formidable. Today, three days later, we were going in the opposite direction, with an even stronger head-wind. How could this be?

There were some lovely stretches along the river. We stopped in Ansemme (must check spelling later) for coffee, but the traffic, narrow gobbled streets, and major city commotion suggested that we get out of town soon.

We arrived in Huy around 4, pretty winded. We sat in the old church that is beneath the sinister Citadel of Evil (former prison, concentration camp and place of general nastiness) for a long time, enjoying the coolness, vast space, ancient stained glass and thundering organ practice. Nobody else was there.

Everyone is getting cleaned up for an evening in town. I am definitely ready for a beer or two.

Tomorrow is the last biking day.

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