Tuesday, May 10, 2011

no news is good new, right?

I'm in Santa Cruz for a week, helping/watching my 100 year-old mother-in-law while the rest of the Santa Cruz crowd is doing a 3-week Grand Canyon float trip. We heard from them the other day, via a phone at Phantom Ranch - apparently everyone is having a swell time.

We play a lot of cards, go for walks, and do our minimal chores. Yesterday's highlight was finding, at Petsmart, a $7 laser-pointer cat toy, for driving cats nuts. It works great - probably just as good as the $50 one carried by Office Max, and the cat is truly mystified.

Today's major event: HAIR APPOINTMENT!!

In other news, two weeks from today we fly to Paris, for the start of a greatly-anticipated vacation. Watch this space for updates, when that happens!

Back in Portland Friday afternoon.

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