Friday, January 01, 2010

'democrats join call for Napolitano resignation'

I see this headline in 'google news'.

Will someone explain to me how the failure of airport people in Amsterdam to keep the guy off the plane is Napolitano's fault?


Anonymous said...

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Barry in Portland said...

Hmmmmm, do I believe this?

Joe Litton said...

I believe that first comment was a bit of spam troll to see if the comment would stay. Note that you have a real spam comment on a later post.

In other news Napolitano is just STUPID to call for her resignation. But would we expect anything other than jumping to find SOMEONE to blame. The reality is that USA airport security is simply an attempt to make us feel that we are safe to travel.

It's interesting to read this take on USA vs Israeli airport security - from the Boston Globe: