Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what I want to know is....

Heard on the radio this morning that the Underwear-Bomber:
  1. paid cash
  2. had no luggage
On a normal transcontinental flight, what percentage of passengers pay cash and check no luggage?

60? 50? 1? .1%

I have to assume the percentage is *somewhat* low. Shouldn't this have been a signal that a *more-comprehensive* pre-flight search was called for?

Also, do we know if he bought a one-way or round-trip ticket?

Just curious...


daren said...

Whats even worse is his own father tried to warn the US about his son. What do people need to do, provide itenaries to the CIA now?

I don't care who's in charge, this was an epic fail.

BTW - we used to know each other in a previous life and whereas I don't agree with your point of view on many issues, I sure do enjoy your blog.

Happy New Year Barry.

Barry in Portland said...

Hi, Daren - glad you stopped by.

By the same standard (a person got on board with explosives and was unsucsessful in igniting them), I assume you regard the Shoe-bomber as an 'epic fail' of the Bush administration, right?

oggsunset said...

I was talking more about people who work in the CIA and TSA supervisors who failed. Not really trying to blame a president or administration.

Anyway I think your position is quite clear so believe me I was not trying to goad you into that argument.

Just kind of wanted to say happy new year, didn't really want to argue about political view points.

Barry in Portland said...

But arguing political viewpoints is so much fun!!

oggsunset said...

Well, good luck with that! Personally I think arguing religious viewpoints is much more fruitful.

Anonymous said...

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