Monday, January 04, 2010


OK, we gave in to the hype and saw it, in 3D, at a nearby filled-to-capacity (both the theater and the parking lots) multiplex.

Aside from the fact that it's basically Cowboys-vs.-Indians, wow.

Several scenes give new meaning to the phrase 'over the top'. You know that you WILL see it eventually, so you might as well give in soon.

I think Roger Ebert's comment, likening it to the first 'Star Wars' impact, is right on. Something new has happened to film technology.

We had tried to get in New Years Eve, but it was sold out, so we saw the new 'Sherlock Holmes' movie instead. It was, in it's own way, also over the top. I'd give it a B+, only because it was so much more CGI-whiz-bang than Conan-Doyle deductive reasoning.

This is a big week - we are to close on the house for Ben tomorrow, which means, among other things, that we will not only be driving to NE Portland a lot over the next couple of months, but also, by March, we should reclaim our basement space that he 'temporarily' occupied last August.

Now for some coffee and maybe even a little work.

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