Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Brother meets Amazing Effeciency

We ran thru Ikea last weekend, grabbing a bunch of things for Ben's new house. Naturally, once the dust settled, there were a couple of items that we didn't really need, so they had to be returned.

No problem, since Ikea's return policy is quite liberal, as long as you have the receipt, which we did.

HOWEVER, scrutinizing the receipt at home, we noticed that the checker had mistakenly rung up one ($22) item twice, and I was wondering if they would just take my word that we had indeed only purchased one dish set, especially since I was returning that set.

'No problem', says the returns person, who saw the date/time of our purchase on the receipt. "Who were you with and what were you wearing?" I answered as best I could, she made a phone call, and, a couple of minutes later, got a call back authorizing the credit for the mistake.

This means they have archived video of every purchase, in every checkout line, and can quickly go to the video of us and the items we unloaded on the belt, and verify that what we claim is true.

Now isn't that amazing?


Anonymous said...

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Barry in Portland said...

How could anyone argue with that?