Thursday, September 17, 2009

watching the dollar sink...

against the Euro, as we are just 11 days away from Spain.

I did buy 150 euros last month, so that was something, but it's a drop in what we'll be spending over there.

On the other hand, I went to a local coffee place (that shall remain nameless, except that it was a local, non-franchise business), bought a cup of black coffee and a fairly minimalist tuna sandwich, and the bill was a shocking (to me) $7.50, so I need to recalibrate my expectations, both here and abroad.

Now for Health Care and Max Baucus:

The pharma, insurance and banking companies seem to have gotten their money's worth from their contributions to him.

I think it's clear now that our method of campaign financing is at the root of all the problems affecting our society. We've known this for years, and it's impossible to change, without a wholesale turnover of just about every member of the US House and Senate (except Dennis Kucinich).

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