Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dinner happened

We made our way thru a very light drizzle to a restaurant that had been recommended both by Rick Steves' book and a colleague of Karen, 'la Posada de la Villa', near the bustling Plaza Major.

It's in an cool building that goes back to the 1600's, and, since lamb is a specialty, we had lamb.

Amazing - slow roasted over wood and straw since 8:00 this morning. The word 'tender' is insufficient. As someone with district anti-meat biases, I was, surprisingly, murmuring in appreciation.

Of course, the roasted veggies, succulent olives, fish croquettes, fresh bread and superb rioja helped, capped with mint tea.

We found our way back to the hostal, thru the streets swarming with diners and revelers, and are finally ready to call it a night.

If this is an indication how this vacation may trend, I say 'bring it on.'

Night, night, everyone.

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