Sunday, September 13, 2009

sisters folk festival - wrap up

Ah, three days of great performances and surprises. The town of Sisters has the logistics down pat now, and everything is smooth and welcoming.

We saw Susan Werner perform three times, and, since she and her buddies were staying at our motel, we had several nice one-on-one conversations with Susan and also with the incredible Trina Hamlin, who said she'll be coming thru Portland next February.

Also, back at the motel last night, we went out to the quiet grassy area adjacent to our back patio, and there was Kelly Joe Phelps and his musician friends, drinking many beers and relaxing after the evening's performances, and Kelly Joe's was mesmerizing.

We left Sisters for the long drive back to Portland around 12:30. Traffic not too bad, but there were plenty of folks on the road. We pulled into a Rest Stop on I-5, not too far south of Portland, and along came Susan Werner and her crew, on their way up to Seattle, behind schedule. We talked again briefly - it was fun to show Trina the copy of her CD that I bought, and that we had been listening to on the drive.

Tired now - time to eat some rice and veggies and maybe do some laundry. Two weeks from tomorrow we fly to Madrid. Yikes.

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