Wednesday, November 17, 2010

we used to have a 'funny' saying....

Often spotted in days of yore as grafitti:

"Time is Nature's way of keeping Everything from happening at once."

So there I was, calmly eating my morning cereal, when the cat jumped up on my desk, indicating the desire to go outside immediately. As I walked up the stairs, the following things happened simultaneously:

1) The tea kettle started whistling madly, demanding immediate attention.
2) The cat stood by the door, mewing 'LET ME OUT NOW'.
3) My cell phone rang with a burning question from a client in New Mexico.
4) A shredded-wheat remnant got stuck in my throat.

Suddenly what appeared to be a laid-back mid-week morning became a whirlwind of activity, for approximately 1 minute. Now my heart-rate is back to normal.

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