Sunday, November 14, 2010

childhood's end

We are planning a major renovation of our upstairs space, starting with Dylan's old bedroom (he's now living, happily we think, in Ashland). To that end, we have been cleaning out his room, boxing up his books, collections, trophies, drug paraphernalia, stuffed animals, broken video-game controllers, and all the other assorted 'junk' (our term) that accumulated over the course of 18 years.

This morning, we moved a lot of stuff out of the room and into the shed outside. As I stood looking at that pile of boxes, I thought 'there is his childhood'. Someday, when he has the time to poke thru them, he will no doubt have a lot of surprises and memories. For now, though, they wait for him in a dark corner.

An example of his art (and tendency to accumulate bizarre bits of stuff, for later use.

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