Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So much promise before the election. So much excitement at the Inauguration.

So much compromise since then.

So much corruption throughout the system. Something is rotten and we all know it.

Pass the damn bill, and try to fix it.

Maybe, in context, Obama will have been a necessary first step, that had to be taken to prepare the way for the Kucinich/Grayson ticket (you remember, the one that ran against, and lost to, Palin/Cheney).

Tick, tick, tick...


bikelovejones said...


..::shakes head::..

Kucinich is about as likely to get into the White House as Nader was. The only reason he gets any press at all is because he's a sitting Congressman. If he were out of office he'd be banned from debates and hidden well out of sight just like Nader was.

I have given up on the whole mess.
I personally hope the health care bill WON'T pass, precisely BECAUSE the system is so corrupt it can't be "fixed". It needs to be torn down wholesale for any real reform to have a chance.

My $0.02, that's all...

Barry in Portland said...

I like Dennis - I think he has real integrity, but I agree his electoral chances are, shall we say, minimal?

After reading a lot of opinions, I've come to believe that, bad as the Senate bill is (and it has some nasty provisions), the political consequences of killing this round of insurance reform would so embolden the Bad Guys as to render Obama absolutely powerless, and that would be even worse.

I agree that the level of corruption and hypocrisy is breathtaking. It's so sad what bald greed has done to this republic.