Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the final word on Dylan

At today's appointment, the doc confirmed that it is indeed a tonsil issue, and he is 99% certain that there is no cancer involved.

Did we over-react by insisting that he NOT return to Ashland the other day, but stay in Portland until we get this figured out? Perhaps.

Apparently, the recovery for tonsil surgery is about 2 weeks for adults, and generally uncomfortable. We are leaving it up to him to schedule the surgery, with the understanding that he will probably have recurring sore throats until it's taken care of.

He is itchy to get back to his Ashland life, so we'll probably put him on a plane in a day or so. Right now, he's hibernating up in his room - seems depressed about having had his plans disrupted by nosy parents.

So it goes.

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