Tuesday, March 23, 2010

anyone else having computer derrangement today?

OK. so far today:
  1. My main computer wouldn't power up. I had to unplug everything and jigger the case to make the on switch come alive. It seems to be normal now.
  2. Up at Karen's office, all three of her computers had odd things: one could not recognize the CD drive (loose cable), one lost changes to a Word document (computer was getting automatically rebooted after I uninstalled the horrendous AVG Version 9), and one had a sticky mouse (it was as if Shift-Click was permanently turned on - I pressed the Shift key a couple of times and it returned to normal).
  3. Back home, I am trying to fax a document and perpetually getting a busy signal, despite the recipient swearing that all is well on their end.
  4. So, I decided to scan the document and email it, instead of faxing. My scanning software continually tells me that there is a hardware problem with the sheet feeder, although I was able to do a Copy without issue, using the sheet feeder.
What's wrong here? Why is everything breaking down today? Am I alone here or are devils hassling you today, too?


Anonymous said...

I dont know, but I bet the dam republicans are behind it :) (smiley face, joke, funny, ha ha).

Barry in Portland said...

They are usually not quite that subtle.