Thursday, December 10, 2009

think back a couple of months...

During the height of the 'Death Panel' scare, I remember hearing, from several sources, this opinion:

"If you think that the disinformation campaign currently being waged by well-funded vested Health Insurance interests is incredibly brazen and shameless, just wait until attention is focused on Global Climate Change. What we will see then will make the Health Care debate look sane."

Aye, mateys, it has come to pass exactly as predicted.

Nothing significant will come from Health Insurance reform, and nothing significant will be done to slow CO2 emissions. Your grandchildren will live in a vastly different world from today, but, at least, there will probably be a few billion fewer (mostly non-white) humans around, so your internet access might be a little faster.

I really believe that we, as a species, are going to just let it all happen, because a very small minority of us are so damn greedy that all they care about is money.

There's an old story about a fabulously wealthy man who was asked: "You already have everything that anyone could possibly need. What more do you want?", and he answered, "More."

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Anonymous said...

I think that when we combine this attitude with praying in large groups to a "god" whom we suppose can intercede on our behalf, it's the height of arrogance and stupidity.
Mass consumerism and mass (organized) religion combine to help us remove ourselves from the food chain and deny our eventual extinction as Just Another Species.