Monday, April 06, 2009

vegetable update

In the pea-lettuce-chard patch, the first peas are coming up! I had just about given up hope, but it's really happening. So far, no lettuce, spinach or chard is visible.

Also planted chives, cilantro and cat-nip last week, in the bed right outside the back-door.

Yesterday, at Fred Meyer, I couldn't resist buying a 6-pack of bok choy for $3, so now there are 14 little boks, in the ground today:We also bought onion sets (walla-wallas) yesterday. Will plant them this afternoon. Last year, we did onions and I was so stingy with water that, although they grew, many had hollow bulbs. The ones that we got, though, were good, so I'll try to be better this time around.

So far, not much happening with the asparagus crowns. Hope they're still alive.

High of 73 expected today; 77 tomorrow.

Here's a cell-phone photo of Ben and Dylan, taken in Ashland last Thursday night. When we saw Dylan Saturday, prior to heading back to Portland, he was totally clean-shaven, so this is a historical moment:

Don't be fooled by the empty tables in the background. The cafe was jammed and we had a long wait before being seated. The beer was very good, and 3/4 of us were happy with our meals.

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