Thursday, April 16, 2009

more tea-party reflections

It's too easy to laugh it off, for two reasons.

1) There is a kernel of truth to the protests: us Common Folk are uneasy to see the billions of dollars that have been funneled to banks and investment agencies who, thru their manipulations of laws, regulations, and suckers, created the mess. Will anyone from that crowd ever go to jail?

2) History has shown that, whenever the Populace is whipped into (currently, largely-unfocused) rage, things have a tendency to get out of control. The French Revolution, the Spanish Inquisition, Rwanda, and Slobodan Milosovic come to mind. In this case, we have people who appear to get their marching orders from Richard Mellon Scaife, Dick Armey and FOX, and many of them appear to be hateful and armed.

It's more and more like Spain, 1936. Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Just for grins, I looked up where in the world most of the tea comes from. Turns out that India and China are, by far, the top two. Isn't it ironic that the participants in yesterday's activities were encouraged to purchase a product from two of our top global business competitors?

What about 'Buy American'? If the organizers really wanted to give a boost to the US economy, instead of tea, why didn't they encourage everyone to buy something manufactured right here in the good ol' USA?

Oh, right, I forgot.

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