Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lighten up

Two items of vast interest:

First, this atypical post from a blog I read regularly (that's normally about eating pork products in eastern Europe).

Next, a gallery of Peeps constructions, from neighbor/cousin-in-law Laurie - thanks!

Can you believe the non-stop "Be VERY Afraid" coverage of the flu thing? This goes so far beyond the "wash your hands regularly and don't panic" advice that is appropriate at this stage, and the dramatic increase in emergency-room visits, from people who are 'worried', is testimony to the power of Media.

I try to look for the silver lining: if this does turn out to be a world-wide pandemic that causes the deaths of millions, I'd prefer to think of it as a signal from the Earth that our species is getting a little too disruptive.

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