Monday, January 12, 2009

that voice

The first thing I do EVERY morning, before getting out of bed, is to reach for my little earphone-radio, plug in, and scan both KPOJ and KOPB for any significant news. Yes, it's compulsive, this behavior dating all the way back to Watergate, when every morning just might bring some new tidbit.

This morning, I hear George W Bush holding what must surely be his last news conference. The questions, as always, are lame, and the responses, as always, are shocking in their cluelessness, distortion, and "aw-shucks, we're all friends and insiders in this room" attitude.

And that voice. That hideous, smug, self-confident voice. His crazy way of enunciating multi-syllable words, aside from the distorted perspective the words convey. It's so grating, so insulting, so infuriating.

Begone, I say, and never darken our towels again.

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