Monday, June 30, 2008

evil or stupid?

Watching the ABC Evening News with Charles Gibson. He is reporting on Wesley Clark's comments today, questioning whether getting shot down while piloting a fighter jet qualifies you to be Commander-in-Chief (since the GOP has been a frequent raiser of 'doubts' about Obama's qualifications).

ABC wants us to seriously consider whether this "attack on McCain's war record" is dirty politics. Attack on McCain's war record? I guess that, if you say it fast enough, nobody will notice that you are being evil (or is it stupid?).

Or both?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

and now for something completely different

wonder bread!

sex and the city

Never watched the show, but we were casting about for a movie on a hot night, and it was the most convenient, playing at a reasonable time in a small local theater where parking is never a problem (the Tigard Joy).

We got there with 7 minutes to spare, which didn't matter, since the entire audience numbered about 12. I think I was the only male.

I began to squirm at about the 65 minute mark, but, I'm happy to report, made it to the end.

Here's the message that I got: Most men are unbelievable jerks, but, if you give them long enough, they will eventually do what you want, and all your fantasies will come true (especially having stunning members of the opposite sex cherish your body and cater to your every whim).

This is not a bad thing, though, since the message of most summer blockbusters, aimed at men, is: most of your sworn enemies are unbelievable jerks, but, if you fight them long enough, they will eventually die horribly, and all your fantasies will come true (especially having stunning members of the opposite sex cherish your body and cater to your every whim).

So, in the end, little difference, except the clothing is definitely cleaner in girl movies.

It's all fantasy, in service to the Pax Americana, just as every other Empire's PR department has labored to produce. The best part of it all was that (thanks, American Empire!) Fred Meyer was open even after 10 pm, so we were able to buy all the food (human and dog) that we wanted, passing up anything we didn't feel like taking at the moment, simply by presenting a piece of plastic.

Now that's a genuinely amazing fantasy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

evidence that computers are not quite ready to take over

I am doing some Visual Basic coding, and needed to find the opposite function from the 'split' command (anyone know it, off the top of your head?). I use 'split' all the time, but, oddly, have never, until today, needed to do the opposite (which, I now remember, is the 'join' command).

But I digress.

I went to one of my standard VBscript reference sites to look up 'split'. It gave me the syntax and usage (and actually pointed to 'join' - I didn't *really* remember it). This was great, but, in the upper-right corner of the page, under the heading 'ads by Google', I see...

well heck, here's a partial screen-shot (click to enlarge):

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

still depressed

yes, the weather is great, and tonight I picked the first pea from my garden (many more coming soon), the string beans are up, the squash, basils, and tomatoes are doing great. There is more rhubarb to cut and the plum trees are making little green plums.

So what's the problem? I am dreading news from our friend with cancer, I am dreading the future of my species on this planet, and I am bewildered that my spouse and son are in the next room watching (and commenting on) 'So You Think You Can Dance?'

We went to Costco tonight, and I was overwhelmed by the abundance. Still thinking about 'The Road' - sorry I read it.

Work is going well. I volunteered at KBOO for a couple of hours. I had lunch with one old friend today and another tomorrow. I'm going to Wisconsin next week for a few days, to see Mom and my brother and his little family.

But I am not feeling like any of this is real. Must not be getting enough coffee.

Monday, June 23, 2008

well, at least we were warned

uh oh

I took the dog for a little walk in the neighborhood this evening. There was incredible light on the trees, with a blue sky speckled with fluffy clouds and Mt. Hood gleaming on the horizon.

It was lovely, but George Carlin is dead, one of our best friends has serious cancer, and we are all living on borrowed time. My foot is almost back to normal, but my heart is very heavy. Just finished reading 'The Road', and it didn't do much to cheer me up.

It's all so very unreal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ok, ok - here's the before-and-after composite photo

driving me crazy

All the disdainful references to Jimmy Carter's presidency from the Repubs never fails to get my blood-pressure to rise.

Not only was I younger, hairier, and slimmer then, but I thrilled to Carter's speeches on energy conservation and renewables, not to mention honesty in government (a quaint notion).

All that and more was dismissed with contempt, when the 'Reagan Revolution' (sic) took hold, and it's been a downhill slide since, in just about every measure of American leadership in the world.

When the McCain talking-heads sniff that Obama is running for Jimmy Carter's 2nd term, I say 'and about time, too!' Carter was the last president that I'd like to have a beer with (as long as it's not a 'Billy').

Meanwhile, as I approach 4 months post-Op, my Left Foot continues to approach normality. I am able to walk virtually limp-free now, and the past month of physical therapy has done wonders, in reducing swelling and pain. I even had an acupuncture session on Monday (at Karen's urging) - can't tell if it made any difference, but one never knows.

I think I am about ready to post the final Before/After photos - stay tuned.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 posts in quick succession this morning?

I can't help it - the world is too weird. The Louisiana House of Representatives just passed a bill to 'let teachers supplement school science textbooks with other materials'.

Hmmm - what 'other materials' could they be thinking about? I'm fairly certain that the intent here was NOT to enable teachers to screen those National Geographic videos proving evolution.

The vote, by the way, was 94-3.

On one blog discussing this, a Texan wrote in 'at least the Texas legislature is no longer the most stupid in the country'.

That it for now, my friends - time to head off for my bi-weekly physical therapy. Coming up on 4 months with my new Left Foot. Still a little painful - still a little swollen - but still making progress.

Also, we just received our plane tickets for Turkey in October. That kinda makes it real (as if all the charges on our credit card were only symbolic!).

Gotta run (so to speak).

corruption at the highest levels

Astonishing confirmation that everything you always sensed about the Bush-Halliburton-CIA-Pentagon crowd is probably true. Apparently, Henry Waxman has the documents now - let's see if it ever comes to light, before the few remaining trillions in the Treasury are entirely siphoned off.

They are Pigs. Reminds me of when the rich guy was asked 'you already have tons of money, several houses, private jets, a private island, and everything a person could possible want. What more do you want?' And his answer: 'more'.

predictions are always dangerous, but...

I'm ready to predict today that John McCain will NOT get the Republican nomination.

I think, that, by the time their convention rolls around, the poll numbers will look so bad, and McCain's verbal gaffes too numerous, that he will either decide to 'spend more time with his family' or have a medical emergency, and Mitt Romney will step up to the plate and graciously accept.

Wacky, I know, but I just have this feeling.

UPDATE: I wrote the above before seeing a link to this, on the Huff Post just now.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

another milestone

My Enron stock and options were, at one point, worth $1.25 million. I watched them decline to the point where, for the past seven years, my monthly statement from UBS listed their value as $1.62 (not million).

I had grown used to seeing that $1.62 every month, but this month's invoice was different. For the first time, the official status on the statement showed as 'Worthless'.

There goes my last $1.62. So long, Enron stock, it was nice knowing you!

I complained to KGW TV

Watching the news last night, KGW aired a couple of 'commercials' from a group calling itself the 'Center for Union Facts'. These spots depicted Union organizers as thugs and Union members as dupes. They were truly nasty.

A teeny bit of investigating revealed who these people are, and they are truly slimy.

I castigated KGW for not refusing to air these spots, as many other stations have done.

Here's the web site of these despicable bastards, where you can see some of the ads and write to them, telling them what you think of their tactics.

I know that Unions aren't perfect, but, Jeez, this is way out of line.