Monday, February 27, 2012

Sedona - Doe Mountain hike

On our 2nd day, we hiked Doe Mountain. This is a detached mesa quite adjacent to Fay Canyon (yesterday's hike).

Got started around 10 am - the parking lot was totally filled, but, aside from one large group, had the trail (and the top) mostly to ourselves. It's uphill all the way!
As we climed, the views improved.
Looking across the valley - you can see the entrance to Fay Canyon.
Almost to the top!
The top is flat with a zillion paths, all leading to viewpoints along the steep rim.  This is looking pretty much north.
More of the view, to the north/north-east.
Looking back along the east rim.
Looking south-east, towards Sedona.  Lovely day - great hike.

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