Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it might as well be Spring

Half-way thru February, and the rhubarb is starting to come back!

Here are the garlics that I planted last fall.  Also, see the chard that wintered over?

But here is the big news:  today I planted 10 new Golden Everbearing raspberries surrounding some volunteers that spread from our main raspberry patch.

The asparagus bed is still sleeping - stay tuned!

Also this morning, I completed a new Access report of Species Richness data, that used some (ahem) clever code to programmatically sort a specific number of columns left-to-right based on the values in Row 1.  Actually, I used the Macro Recorder to write the basic code - I just had to adapt it for Access VBA.

To make that macro code work, I also needed a way to convert an Excel column NUMBER into the ALPHA Excel column heading (that is, I need to convert column #34, for example, into the string "AH".  Thanks to geniuses on the Internet, the formula for doing this is simply (the variable 'maxSpecies' contains the column number):

Left(xlSheet.Cells(1, maxSpecies).Address(1, 0), InStr(1, xlSheet.Cells(1, maxSpecies).Address(1, 0), "$") - 1)

I have no idea why this works, but I pasted it in and it does.  Cool, huh?

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