Thursday, December 08, 2011

has it really come to this?

Rick Perry accuses Obama of conducting a 'War on Religion'?  I know that Evangelicals are major factors in Primary voting, but Perry's "I am a proud Christian" ad shows a new level of creative political writing.

In one short spot, he manages a blatant nod to both the 'Obama is a Muslim' lunatics, as well as the 'Beware of those heathen Mormons' lunatics.

Wait a minute - maybe those two groups of lunatics are really the same!

Regardless, you have to admire the flagrant desperation of an ad like this.  Thank you, Rick, for letting the rest of us know that you really are as dumb and/or craven as you appear to be.  Oh, and by the way, give that writing staff a raise - they deserve it!

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