Saturday, November 19, 2011

too much technology?

So, my son Ben presented me, at my birthday a couple of weeks ago, with a certificate informing me that he had purchased a Kindle Touch for me.  Thank you, Ben.

It arrived yesterday, and I am still forming impressions.  However, the following sequence of events just took place:

1)  I was on Karen's laptop in the kitchen, using the home wifi.  Earlier this morning, I sent an email to a friend (you know who you are) discussing the Touch and asking about his new Kindle Fire.

2) Leaving the laptop on, I went into the living room with the Kindle, and was busy browsing and downloading free eBooks.  Using the funky browser on the Kindle, I was able to get into my Gmail account, and tapped out a reply to my friend, as an experiment (cc: to myself).  It seemed to work.

3)  very soon after, I heard a 'ding' from the kitchen, announcing the arrival of an email.

4)  using my cellphone (Android Galaxy S), I quickly got into my regular email and saw the item I had just sent from the Kindle and heard announced on the laptop.

5)  I am writing this on our Acer netbook, which is normally signed onto my Gmail account, rather than Karen's laptop (which is normally signed into hers)..

I need to get this posted, so I can load some MP3s and other audio onto my teeny MP3 player (that also has an FM radio), that I will be taking to LA next week for Thanksgiving.

This is getting out of hand.


Anonymous said...

What a great present from your son. When are you going to move your mp3's to your Andriod?
Maybe the Apple products can simplfy your life.

Barry in Portland said...

Don't think I will ever store a lot of music on my phone - hardly ever listen to MP3s. When I do, it's on my dedicated little MP3 player.

I have owned no Apple products since about 1990 (was originally a Mac guy, but then all my work stuff gravitated to Windows). It just worked out that way.

Joe Litton said...

My Kindle Fire is now set up to access the Android Market, use Swype for the keyboard, use GMail, Google Maps, etc, and run various other apps that are not available for the Fire via the Amazon Appstore on the Kindle. I am now reading the books that I've had on the older Kindle, and on the Fire am also reading The Progressive, The Nation, Men's Health, Mother Jones, Wired and testing some other periodicals.

Blog post is being written now, as it took hours of research / experimentation to get it all working..should be much faster for others. So NOW I think the Fire is an AMAZING device!! Me = Happy w/ the purchase.